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Kalihi Saddle Hike

Kalihi Saddle Hike, Oahu Hawaii
Ascent to Pu'u Lanihuli. Photo by Raleigh Norton

The Kalihi Saddle is one of the most extreme and rewarding hikes on Oahu. Throughout this hike you will find yourself straddling a ridge no wider than your body with sheer drops on both sides, hanging onto Uki grass for your life, and enjoying incredible views in all directions. Please be aware the rock on this hike is extremely chausey and prone to giving way. (This hike should only done by experienced hikers/ climbers aware of the risks.)


Kalihi Saddle - Pu'u Lanihuli - Kapalama trail - Mo'ole Stream

Distance: 4.4 miles

Total Time: 7:20 hours

Elevation Gain: 1,800 feet

Difficulty: Hard

Note: Should only be done by experienced hikers/ climbers

Nate Flet Climbing the "Wizards Hat"

Photos by Raleigh Norton


  1. To hike the Kalihi Saddle you need to be dropped off on the north side of the Like Like Highway at the access rode as there is no where to park.

  2. Follow the access rode until you reach the large maintenance building.

  3. The trail is just to the left of the building and will take you up and onto the saddle.

  4. From there it is pretty straight forward following the saddle / ridge line.

  5. You will go up and over a series of peaks including the "Wizards Hat" until it is time to ascend up the ridge or "Can opener" to Pu'u Lanihuli.

  6. Once you reach the Kapalama trail junction, follow the Kapalama trail down the ridge.

  7. Relatively soon on the Kapalama Trail, drop into Mo'ole stream and follow the trail out to the Pali Hwy.

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