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Sharks Cove Cave Diving & Snorkeling

Cave diving the "Blue Room" at Sharks Cove on Oahu's North Shore
Blue Room. Photo by Dylan Ferguson

Cave diving at Sharks Cove on Oahu's North Shore is a must do for those who want a truly magical, underwater experience. Sharks Cove offers many caves ranging from very easy / safe to some more extreme caves requiring a 1-2 minute breath hold. Sharks cove is popular for both scuba divers as well as free divers. As winter swells hit the North Shore for the majority of the winter, it is best and safest kept as a summer activity. Please be very careful and only attempt to dive caves you are 100% sure you can do and are aware of the risks and conditions. As a rule of thumb diving Sharks Cove is best in under 2-3 foot North swell.

Sharks Cove is not only known for its cave diving but also for its wonderful snorkeling. Oahu's North Shore offers crystal clear water rich with wildlife. It is very likely that while snorkeling here, you will see turtles, octopus and a large array of colorful, tropical fish.

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